RAFLINK is a differentiating VAP for financial services products, which provides relevant benefits to those products, specifically with respect to injuries sustained by Product Holders covered by the Road Accident Fund (“RAF”).

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What is RAFLINK?

RAFLINK is designed to:
  • Successfully claim against the RAF.
  • On behalf of the product holder/the insured.
  • Without the incurrence of any upfront cost.
  • After suffering injury or loss due to a motor vehicle accident.


  • Educational videos.
  • Educational material.
  • Integrated communication via WhatsApp bots, SMS, Email or telephone.


  • Compliance with the FSCA's education requirements: embedded in RAFLINK is educational material relevant to financial services products and the FSP has the option of distributing 2 of its own unique education products to the product holder/the insured per annum (standard offering).
  • The number of the product holder/the insured “touches” is configurable in line with the FSP’s marketing campaign if the standard offering is insufficient.
  • Extensive reporting capability.
  • Supports and facilitates ongoing engagement, including the “statutory annual communication” and general information about the product holder/the insured's product (e.g. changes,updates and renewals)

Benefits: the product holder/the insured

  • Initial communication with the product holder/the insured to introduce the benefit and provide information, including contact details for claims.
  • RAFLINK can be used by the product holder/the insured any time an injury or loss occurs as a result of a motor vehicle accident (whether as a pedestrian, driver or passenger).
  • RAFLINK claims are only dependent on an active policy or financial services product. If RAFLINK is linked to an insurance policy, RAFLINK claims are independent of an insurance claim under that policy.
  • If RAFLINK is linked to an insurance product (life or accident and health products), pro-active communication with the policyholder regarding the RAFLINK benefit will be triggered as soon as the claim against the core cover has been received.
  • Free assessment of the validity of a claim against the RAF.
  • Based on the validity of the claim, an attorney is appointed for the product holder/the insured.
  • The following claim categories will be performed at no cost to the product holder/the insured, with 100% of the compensation received from the RAF paid to the product holder/the insured:
    • Funeral claims.
    • Past medical expenses.
    • Future medical expenses.
    • Loss of past income.
    • Loss of income due to the death of a breadwinner.
  • For the following claims categories, a contingency fee of 10% of what is recovered from the RAF, is levied:
    • General damages.
    • Loss of future income.
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