Inlink is a digital multichannel direct marketing platform.

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What is Inlink?

Inlink is a digital multichannel direct marketing platform, designed to:
  • Drive pro-active engagement between Financial Service Providers (“FSPs”) and their customers; and
  • Align the objectives of FSPs and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (“FSCA”).

While initially developed for FSP’s, Inlink can be used for any entity that communicates directly with customers.


  • Value added products (“VAPs”) are additional benefits included in standard insurance cover or financial services products to differentiate or enhance the underwritten or primary cover, or the underlying financial product. In particular, VAPs augment the saleability of standard insurance cover, especially at point of sale, as policyholders perceive that the benefit of the VAP exceeds the additional cost which is added to the premium.

  • However, VAPs have come under the scrutiny of the FSCA, with its strong stance and policies on treating the customer fairly (“TCF”). Historically the low industry claims and utilisation ratios of VAPs have lead the FSCA to question the effectiveness of VAPs as a product class. The onus is on the FSP to quantify and justify the value of VAPs, which they have generally struggled to do effectively.

  • The industry’s growth is dependent on ongoing market development within the emerging markets. Driving the awareness of financial products and services through consumer education initiatives is key in creating financial inclusion. Insurers attempt various product awareness campaigns, few of which result in any significant increase in the number of new or different types of cover. Few consumer education campaigns provide continuous and automated engagement, and even fewer provide the detailed reporting required to track the effectiveness of the initiatives.

THE Solution

  • CDA Solutions has developed an effective digital mulitichannel communication and distribution platform (“Inlink”) designed to combine various complementary services with existing financial products, while facilitating regulatory requirements. The Inlink Platform proactively drives the utilisation of VAPs through ongoing engagement with, and education of, financial services customers as to the benefits and value provided by the FSPs’ VAPs.


  • Multi-channel digital platform designed to distribute and service direct financial services and products.
  • Automated workflow and reporting to manage and drive engagement and delivery of services.
  • Configurable to FSPs' requirements (including branding).
  • Relevant and inclusive engagement methods primarily through WhatsApp and a call center available in all official South African languages.


  • Maintain policyholder details and information-know your client (“KYC”).
  • Establish trust relationships and affinity between the FSP and its customer.
  • Encourage product utilisation.
  • Facilitates effective retention strategies.
  • Creates meaningful engagement opportunities through customer education initiatives and drives financial inclusion.
  • Compliance with the FSCA's objectives (TCF, consumer education, KYC, financial inclusion, financial stability and industry growth).
  • Drives multi-channel customer engagement.
  • Differentiates standard products and cover.
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