CDA Solutions provides a full suite of outsourced administrative functions. The majority of the administrative functionality is provided through our CRM software and Node, CDA Solutions' proprietary, web-based software.


    The issuing of policy documents within 48 hours after receipt of a sale, using an automated and date-stamped process, via Email, SMS, WhatsApp or post.

  • Client services

    An inbound customer service call center whose focus is on availability, quality and service.

  • Collections

    Maximising collection rates through the analysis and interpretation of collections data and the subsequent tailoring of direct marketing campaigns.

  • Retention

    Develop customer retention strategies based on the client’s specific products and target markets.

  • Data analytics and reporting

    A comprehensive set of direct marketing reporting tools delivered through Node that facilitates automated performance management at a call center, campaign, team, and/or individual call center agent level.

    A suite of direct marketing business analytics services.

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  • The sooner a new policyholder or product owner is contacted after the purchase of a product through direct marketing channels, the more likely they are to pay the first premium. CDA Solutions issues policy documents within 48 hours after receipt of a sale, either via Email, SMS, WhatsApp or post. Our automated and date-stamped processes ensure that all communications are relevant and complete.

    There are times when sending policy documents immediately is not feasible. In such cases, we have a range of multichannel solutions (such as Email, automated voice messaging [“AVM”], WhatsApp and SMS), which provide clients with policy and/or product confirmation and key information for claims or other purposes, before documents have been sent to them.

Client services

  • CDA Solutions has an inbound customer service call center. The focus of this call center is on availability and service. Our service agents are managed on their ability to represent the client’s brand. They are incentivised on service and their ability to retain customers and offer additional products (where appropriate) on behalf of clients.


  • We understand the importance of managing and maximising collection rates to ensure that financial products persist. Due to our extensive experience in policy administration, we design direct marketing campaigns with collection ratios and not just sales ratios in mind. Our expertise allows us to analyse and interpret collections data, and to modify direct marketing campaigns where necessary to boost persistency and maximise returns.


  • The acquisition of a customer through direct marketing campaigns is only part of the customer journey. Fundamental to maximising revenue from a customer, be it through the policy or product sold or through subsequent cross-sells and/or upgrades, is the retention of that customer. The cost of the acquisition of a customer is considerably more than the cost of retaining a customer.

    CDA Solutions> works with clients to develop a customer retention strategy based on their specific product and target market.

    Real time access to information and reporting is the key driver in customer retention, followed by effective communication. Using Node, CDA Solutions provides clients with real-time reporting and analysis that enables pro-active communication with potential lost clients through a variety of communication channels.

Data analytics and reporting

  • Reporting is fundamental to transparency and performance management. CDA Solutions provides a comprehensive set of direct marketing reporting tools through Node that facilitates automated performance management at a call center, campaign, team and/or individual call center agent level. Node has API’s that allow it to integrate with most existing systems to access raw data.

    In addition, we have developed a strong competency around business analytics as it applies to direct marketing, and offer a suite of services relating thereto.

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