Direct Marketing Solutions

We are a leading, innovative direct marketing solutions provider
for the financial services and other select industries.

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Direct Marketing Solutions

The direct marketing solutions that CDA Solutions offers cover the Direct Marketing, Sales and Administration elements of the value chain. They are customised to our clients' specific markets, products, customers and legislative realities and commercial expectations.

CDA Solutions’ expertise spans the lead generation process, working with lead generators to manage client leads, conversion of leads into sales and the retention and growth of customers.

Successful direct marketing campaigns focus not only on maximising initial sales, but converting those sales into collections (“conversion”) and then retaining clients indefinitely through continual analysis of collections, proactive marketing and reactive measures to revive lapses (“persistency”). Furthermore, the ability to maximise the cross-sell and upgrade of products to existing customers typifies a successful direct marketing campaign.

The fundamentals of successful direct marketing campaigns remain constant.

What differentiates CDA Solutions.
  • A track record of delivery of successful direct marketing campaigns.
  • The ability to tailor make solutions for a client's products, target markets and customer segments.
  • Proven methodologies and systems that bring flexibility to direct marketing campaigns through real time analysis of results and the ability to modify campaigns appropriately.
This maximises:
  • Conversion ratios.
  • Persistency.
  • Cross-sells and upgrades.
  • Return on investment.
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