Node is web-based, customisable software primarily for use in the direct marketing industry, and in particular, the call center environment. It has API links for simple integration with other software.

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  • A suite of automated call center reports.
  • Call assessment and scoring capability.
  • Agents' calls are recorded, saved and referenced, and can be tracked along with associated data.


  • The extensive reporting capability provides call center managers with the real time data and information to:
    • Improve efficiencies and productivity.
    • Improve service delivery.
    • Maximise the profitability of campaigns.
  • Mitigates risk as Node drives compliance within call centers through its call assessment and scoring capability.
  • Data and calls are immediately accessible to authorised parties, and regulatory compliance is assured.
  • Saved calls can be used for training purposes.
  • Reviewing calls can be used to compare quality across call center agents and teams, and ultimately drive improved quality throughout a call center.
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