Our Complaints Management Policy sets out the principles and standards we will adhere to in all instances where a complaint arises out of a financial service rendered by CDA Solutions in terms of the FAIS Act.

Complaints in this policy refer to:

  • Contraventions of any law, rule, code of conduct, agreement, or mandate.
  • Maladministration or wilful or negligent action or failure to act that caused the person harm, prejudice, distress, or substantial inconvenience.
  • Unfair treatment of a client.


In terms of the internal complaints resolution policy, CDA is committed to the following:

  • Resolving client complaints in a manner which is fair to our clients, our business, and our staff.
  • Ensuring that clients have full knowledge of the complaints process.
  • Ensuring easy access for complaints resolution by way of telephone or email.
  • Employing and empowering properly trained people in our business to deal with complaints, as well as with the escalation of serious non-routine complaints.
  • Dealing with complaints in a timely and fair manner, with each complaint receiving proper consideration in a process that is managed appropriately and effectively.
  • Offering full and appropriate redress in all cases where a complaint is resolved in favour of a client.
  • Informing clients of their right to refer their complaints to the FAIS Ombud should a complaint not be resolved to their satisfaction within six weeks from the date the complaint is received.
  • Maintaining records of all complaints received for 5 years, which will specify whether complaints were resolved.
  • Implementing follow-up procedures to avoid occurrences giving rise to complaints and improving services and complaint systems and procedures where necessary.


How to lodge a complaint.

All complaints must be lodged in writing and submitted via one of the following methods:

  • Post/Letter: Postnet Suite #273, Private Bag 10039, Randburg, 2125.
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

Please attach copies of relevant related information/documentation to the specific complaint.

Our internal complaint resolution process.

  • Upon receipt, log the date and contents of the reportable complaint in the Complaints Register.
  • Acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing within 5 days and give the client the name(s) and contact details of the staff responsible for resolving the complaint.
  • Investigate the complaint to ascertain whether the complaint can be resolved immediately.
  • If the complaint can be resolved immediately, take the necessary action, and advise the client accordingly.
  • If the complaint cannot be resolved immediately (i.e. within 1 working day), send the client a written summary of the steps to be taken to resolve the matter and the expected date of resolution.
  • If unable to resolve the complaint within 15 working days (3 weeks) of logging the complaint with the Complaints Register, notify the client by means of a written acknowledgement. This will outline the status of the complaint and the expected date of final resolution.
  • If unable to resolve the complaint within a further 15 working days (3 weeks) of the written acknowledgement (6 weeks since the complaint was lodged), notify the client, giving full written reasons as to why the outcome was not favourable, and advise the client of their right to seek legal redress by referring the complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman.
  • Notify the complainant that he/she has 6 months of receipt of such notification to refer the matter to the Financial Ombud. The Ombud's name, address and other contact details must be provided.
  • Update the register with all developments/activities.
  • A complaints register is maintained by a dedicated Complaints Liaison Officer (CLO). A second CLO is also available to fulfil this role in the primary CLO’s absence.
  • The complaints register will be checked monthly to ensure all complaints are handled fairly and timeously.
  • Records of complaints must be kept for a minimum of 5 years.


If a complaint has not been resolved within 6 weeks by CDA, or where the complaint has been dismissed or where the client is not satisfied with the results of the investigation of the complaint, the client may, within 6 months, refer the complaint to the FAIS Ombudsman.

The FAIS Ombud Contact Details:
Postal Address Kasteel Park Office Park, Orange Building, 2nd Floor. Cnr of Nossob and Jochemus Streets Erasmuskloof, Pretoria
Postal Address P.O. Box 74571 Lynnwood Ridge, 0040
Phone Number 012 762 5000 / 086 066 3247
Fax Number 012 348 3447 / 012 470 9097
Enquiries on complaint status

  • The Ombudsman will investigate complaints if it relates to a financial service.
  • The Ombudsman may decline to investigate a complaint if there are reasonable grounds to believe that a more appropriate dispute resolution process is available or in cases where it will be more appropriate to deal with the complaint in Court.
  • The Ombudsman will only proceed to investigate a complaint if it has informed every other interested party of the receipt of such complaint, has provided particulars of such complaint to those parties, and has provided those parties with the opportunity to respond.
  • The Ombudsman may follow and implement any procedure which it deems fit and may allow any party the right of legal representation.
  • The Ombudsman may make recommendations to the parties, and if accepted by the parties, such recommendations will have the effect of a final determination.
  • The Ombudsman will make a final determination which may include dismissal of the complaint or upholding of the complaint.
  • If a complaint is upheld:
    • The complainant may be awarded compensation.
    • The financial services provider may be ordered to take specific steps, or
    • The Ombudsman may make any other order which a Court may make.
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