CDA Solutions designs and executes bespoke direct marketing solutions for clients, predominantly in the financial services industry, but also in other select industries where there is a fit with our knowledge, skills and experience.

We provide products and services throughout the direct marketing value chain. Clients can choose from a cradle to grave solution, elements thereof and/or combine solutions in line with their needs.

The direct marketing solutions that CDA Solutions offers cover the direct marketing, sales and administration elements of the value chain. They are customised to our clients' specific markets, products, customers and legislative realities and commercial expectations.

Our approach is innovative and collaborative by design. We combine our extensive knowledge and experience in the direct marketing and financial services industry with proven methodologies and industry partnerships, relationships and service providers to deliver sustainable solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

As a registered financial services provider, not only is CDA Solutions committed to the principle of treating customers fairly, but this is embedded in our culture.

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Our use of technology, our deep understanding of the direct marketing industry and our collaborative, responsive approach underpins the ability of the CDA Solutions team to deliver unique, innovative solutions to our clients.

Track record

A track record of successful delivery of direct marketing campaigns provides clients with comfort that CDA Solutions has the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver.

Unique products

Products that are configurable to clients' requirements, address industry challenges and add value.

Tailor made solutions

Solutions are designed specifically for a client’s products, target markets and customer segments, as well as legislative realities and commercial expectations.

Collaborative approach

We focus on understanding our clients' problems and opportunities to build innovative, sustainable solutions. We are willing to share in the risks and rewards of the solutions.

Maximise ROI

Our proven methodologies and systems result in industry leading sales, conversion ratios, persistency, cross-sells and upgrades.

Industry leading compliance

A combination of the use of technology, automated reporting and our highly trained and skilled Quality Assurance Agents ensures sales are strictly compliant with legislation and our clients’ scripts.


Our vast experience in the direct marketing industry, in particular financial services, means we will always find a solution for our clients. CDA Solutions' expertise in direct marketing covers market development, distribution channels, lead management and list management.

  • Market development

    Market development through targeted consumer education and messaging using communication channels aligned with the target market.

  • Distribution channels

    Matching target markets and customers to the right distribution channels to ensure the success of direct marketing campaigns.

  • Lead management

    Working with lead providers to develop “hot leads“, and optimising the data.

  • List management

    Life cycle management of affinity lists and in particular when to communicate to clients, what to sell to which client and the number of touches per client per annum.

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CDA Solutions has a call center that specialises in outsourced outbound telesales, including cross-sells and upgrades.

  • Direct sales

    To affinity lists and hot leads.

  • Cross-sells

    Sale of a new product to an existing customer.

  • Upgrades

    Increase the cover or benefit of a product held by an existing customer.

  • Quality control and compliance

    Quality control, assurance and compliance services of telesales, through proprietary web based software (Node) and highly skilled and trained Quality Assurance Agents.

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CDA Solutions provides a full suite of outsourced administrative functions.

  • Fulfilment

    The issuing of policy documents within 48 hours after receipt of a sale, using an automated and date-stamped process, via Email, SMS, WhatsApp or post.

  • Client Services

    An inbound customer service call center whose focus is on availability, quality and service.

  • Collections

    Maximising collection rates through the analysis and interpretation of collections data and the subsequent tailoring of direct marketing campaigns.

  • Retention

    Develop customer retention strategies based on the client’s specific products and target markets.

  • Data analytics and reporting

    A comprehensive set of direct marketing reporting tools delivered through CDA Solutions' proprietary software (Node) that facilitates automated performance management at a call center, campaign, team , and/or individual call center agent level.

    A suite of direct marketing business analytics services.

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CDA Solutions' proprietary software, Node, is web-based, customisable software for use in the direct marketing industry, and in particular the call center environment.

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Chalk it Up

A mobile digital platform which brings students and volunteers together with charities to facilitate the provision of community services. Chalk it Up is driven by an interactive mobile app that is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

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KINLINK is a differentiating VAP for life insurance products, which provides necessary and relevant benefits to those products, by protecting the interests of beneficiaries and protecting the wishes of the deceased.

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XTRALINK is a digital multichannel direct marketing platform designed to drive pro-active engagement between Financial Service Providers (“FSPs”) and their customers, and align the objectives of FSPs and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority. While originally designed for the financial services industry, the use of XTRALINK is not limited to financial service products.

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RAFLINK is a differentiating VAP for financial services products, which provides relevant benefits to those products, specifically with respect to injuries sustained by product holders/the insured covered by the Road Accident Fund (“RAF”).

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