My Personal Lifeline is a crime assistance product that bridges the gap between traditional insurance products and the immediate assistance and support required when an individual becomes the victim of a crime.


The challenge

South Africa has a higher rate of violent crime such as murders, rapes and assaults compared with most countries around the world. Domestic violence is considered a common practice in South Africa, although accurate statistics are hard to come by because domestic violence is rarely reported. Every minute, 43 crimes are committed in South Africa and most South Africans live in fear of becoming a victim of crime.

In the 1st 48 hours after a crime has been perpetrated, a victim often feels vulnerable and helpless. It is sometimes difficult to know what to do and where help and assistance can be accessed. Furthermore, traditional products and services such as insurance, don’t provide the support that is immediately required by a victim.

The solution

My Personal Lifeline is South Africa’s only First Aid Kit for Crime. It not only takes care of the victim of a crime during the first 48 hours after a crime has been committed, but provides support thereafter to allow the victim to take back control of their lives.

In the event an individual becomes the victim of a crime, My Personal Lifeline provides the victim with access to a mobile phone, cash, hotel accommodation and private investigators, amongst other benefits. Victims of domestic violence will be assisted with a personal exit strategy, should they so choose. Trauma and assault victims are provided with a 24 hour helpline and contact to counsellors in their area. Victims of rape have access to confidential testing and treatment within the critical 72-hour post assault window period, as well as ongoing assistance. Where medical assistance is needed, it is provided immediately. In addition, where required, legal assistance is also provided.


  • Emergency 24 hour Helpline.
  • My Personal Lifeline App (download from app stores):
    • Provides information on My Personal Lifeline.
    • Emergency button to request a return call.
  • Crime box: victims receive a crime box containing items, documents and guidance relevant to the particular crime.


Crime Victim Assistance

Based on the actual loss suffered due to crimes such as hijacking, home invasion or mugging.

  • A mobile phone loaded with pre-paid airtime to the value of R200.
  • Uber vouchers up to the value of R1 000 for a period of 48 hours, if a vehicle was stolen.
  • A debit card pre-loaded with R500, if bank cards were stolen.
  • Locksmith services to the value of R1 000 to replace locks or keys if they were stolen.
  • A security guard at the victim’s place of residence for 24 hours if the crime happened there.
  • Up to R25 000 worth of private investigation services.

Domestic Violence Assistance

Aimed at getting the victim to a place of safety away from the perpetrator.

  • A professional security guard will be sent to collect the victim and/or children.
  • Assistance in opening a criminal case against the perpetrator.
  • Hotel accommodation for up to 3 days to the value of R6 000 per annum.
  • A cell phone loaded with pre-paid airtime to the value of R200.
  • A debit card pre-loaded with R500.
  • Up to R25 000 worth of private investigation services.

Trauma and Assault Assistance

Including emergency assistance and help thereafter.

  • On-site emergency assistance, with emergency transport to the nearest, most appropriate medical facility.
  • Counselling by trained medical professionals.
  • Referrals for psychological consultations.
  • Access to a 24-hour counselling helpline.
  • Access to psychological consultations to the maximum value of R20 000 per insured person per occurrence and a maximum of R40 000 per family per occurrence.

Rape and HIV Assistance.

  • 24-hour access to telephonic trauma counselling, as well as telephonic counselling for post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • 3 HIV related trauma consultations with a specialist (defined as a general practitioner, trauma-trained registered nurse or trauma counsellor).
  • 3 HIV-blood tests one immediately after the incident and the 2nd and 3rd at 6 weeks and 3 months respectively.
  • Access to the following medication based on the required treatment:
    • STD-preventative medication.
    • Anti-retroviral medication.
    • Prophylactic therapy.
    • Morning-after pill.

Medical Assistance

Related to the crime.

  • Emergency Medical Response:
    • A response vehicle will be dispatched to the scene of the incident.
    • Immediate and appropriate action is provided including lifesaving support, stabilisation and assistance to manage the situation.
  • Medical Transportation:
    • In the event that the medical response team assess that additional medical attention is required, medical transport will be provided to an appropriate medical facility.
  • Escorted Return of Minors:
    • If minors are stranded as a result of the victim’s hospitalisation, supervised transport will be provided to a place of safety and/or into the care of a person nominated by the product holder.

Legal Insurance.

  • Provides cover to the value of R50 000 per annum for legal costs and legal expenses in connection with any of the following events, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy:
    • An event that leads to a civil legal action brought by the policyholder or against the policyholder in their private capacity.
    • An event that leads to the policyholder’s defence against a criminal charge.
    • An event that leads to a legal action by or against the policyholder in a labour court.
    • Any legal action in connection with family matters, for example, divorce action, child custody disputes, maintenance suits and access to children.
    • Identity theft that leads to real or potential prejudice and results in legal liability or financial loss or both because of the fraudulent use of your personal information and identity by an unknown person or institution. Identity theft caused by the policyholder’s own negligence is not covered.
    • Unlimited legal advice on any personal matter.

How does it work?


Download the My Personal Lifeline app. Save the Emergency Number.


Contact our 24-Hour Helpline by phone or the mobile app. Our trained advisors will work with you to determine which benefits are applicable.


The My Personal Lifeline crime box includes relevent documents and tools to get you through this difficult time.

The My Personal Lifeline Crime Box contains documents, tools and products you may need to get your life back in order. The documents include applications for new ID documentation and a driver's license. Tools and products are dependent on the nature of the crime experienced and may include a cell phone, a preloaded bank card, a voucher for a hotel and/or a car.

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